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2022 Ag & Food Policy Summit

2022 DC Ag & Food Summit Info

The COVID-19 pandemic upended the farm to fork supply chain in numerous, unprecedented ways; causing tremendous price volatility and disruptions in food production, processing and distribution. But throughout this economic rollercoaster, the federal government offered a lifeline: A mix of billions in federal payments, food purchases and donations kept the majority of U.S. farmers and ranchers in business. Now what?

With land prices skyrocketing and commodity prices once again on the upswing, policymakers will start drafting a new farm bill for 2023, armed with lessons learned from COVID-19 and eager to embrace future challenges like climate change, risk management and food security for those most in need. At the same time, members of Congress will have their eyes on mid-term elections in 2022, where control of the House and Senate will be in play.

Agri-Pulse explored the policies and politics under consideration with leading experts, members of Congress and administration officials on March 21, 2022. The 2022 Agri-Pulse Food & Ag Policy Summit was held in person at the National Press Club, as well as streamed online for virtual participants. The event was followed by a Celebration of Ag reception, hosted in conjunction with National Ag Day Council and the Corn Refiners Association.

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